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I sought Amanda's help after I was recommended the Bach Flower Remedies when I was going through a difficult and challenging time.  Amanda put me instantly at ease and after an in-depth consultation, made me a personal remedy to suit my current situation and individual needs.  After only a week of taking the remedy, I started to feel a real change, I became less anxious, calmer and more centred and was able to cope a lot better with the situation around me.  

Initially sceptical, I was amazed at the far reach and depth of how the Bach remedies can be applied, helping to calm emotional unease that can unconsciously affect and control our lives. I would highly recommend working with Amanda and using the Bach Flower Remedies as a healing system.

Eliza S

Amanda is a passionate teacher, who shares her love and knowledge of both yoga and energy medicine in a way that helps you to rebalance your body's energies for better health and wellbeing.  Sunday evenings have become a sacred space for me and this is down to Amanda and her EM yoga classes.  I feel calm, centred and refreshed and ready to face the week ahead.  Pure Bliss!

Lizzie A

We always look forward to our twice weekly Energy Medicine Yoga sessions with Amanda, our knowledgeable, encouraging tutor, for a relaxing but energising time.
Whenever possible we are out in the fresh air with our bare feet on the ground, feeling connected to the world around us. We invariably feel so much better in mind and body.

Sarah and Paul B

EM Yoga:

Amanda’s EM yoga session is a highlight of my Sunday. It rebalances me so that I’m aware of my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy equally. I’ve never left a session not feeling better about my life and the world and it is a rare opportunity to connect to the universe in a very special way under the guidance of Amanda. 


Bach remedies are wonderfully confusing and when I look at them alone I tend to want to have them all. It is vital to be guided by a Bachflower practitioner to pick the right remedy and being led by Amanda is a wonderful experience.

Anna BB

In October 2021, having practiced yoga for a couple of years, I was about to encounter a completely different experience when I went to an Sunday evening Energy Medicine yoga session with Amanda. 
Often arriving tired after a busy weekend, this calm and relaxing but incredibly energising practice leaves me feeling both recharged and peaceful. Amanda has the most soothing voice with which she always explains why we are doing the breath work or pose and the holistic benefit for our bodies.
My week feels incomplete if I miss this practice which fortunately doesn’t happen often thanks to Zoom.

Jo T

Amanda is a warm, intuitive and accomplished therapist/practitioner. I find her classes relaxing and deeply healing. Several health professionals  have independently commented on my improved sense of well-being since attending her seated EMYoga classes. Amanda's personal integrity ensures an atmosphere of trust and safety, even when feeling at one's most vulnerable and this allows such healing to take place. Her EMYoga classes are inclusive and there is one suitable for everyone. The outdoor seated class provides a guided half hour of wonderful calm and provides a welcome and accessible haven in a busy week.
A neurological condition coupled with the menopause had in recent years affected my confidence and previously stopped me from joining such a group or seeking to receive physical therapy/bodywork. Amanda's kind invitation to come along and give it a go has resulted in a gradual but profound change and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking an effective, caring and professional therapist.

Jenny A

Testimonials: Testimonials
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